Luxury Restaurant Aura Dome

Built on a open excursion boat "Bateaux Mouches" in Paris this Aura Dome  provides visitors to Paris, France, an opportunity to dine in with a view of the city from the river Seine, while sheltered from wind and rain.


Unique Atmosphere

Situated in a premium location in front of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, this Aura Dome takes the phrase “luxury dining” to the next level. The structure was build on our modular terrace and placed on the patio for added rain protection and aesthetic touch.

Not Only for Dining 

The Aura Dome was primarily used to seat restaurant guests, but was later transformed into a stage for a live concert show. A great way to attract guests for your business. 

The possibilities of the transparent Aura Dome are endless, both for your business and personal use. The only limit is your imagination.


Category Restaurant Domes
Country France
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter pavilion
Usage Restaurant outdoor terrace
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 5
Size D5m, H3m
Floor Area m2 20
Snow / Wind Loads Standart 1.6 kN / 34 m/s
Frame system Frameless AURA Standart
Cover Polycarbonate

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