About the project:

A concept of self-sustaining office Aura Domes developed for a tender in Lithuania. VikingDome created a fully sustainable smart public workplace dome, with advanced and futuristic features:

Self-sustaining SMART AURA office dome

A unique solution for mobile and autonomous workplaces, using our frameless, transparent, modular Aura Dome technology.

Complementing the urban landscape 

The domes will perfectly complement the urban and natural landscape without straining the view. Although modern architecture of this structure is unusual, the design is very eye- catching and leaves a great impression.

Unique design

The spherical structure consists of hexagon and pentagon shaped segments, formed on the basis of a geodetic dome, thus obtaining a unique building design.


Protected and safe

The panels are interconnected by the principle of fish scales. 100% protected from water. Furthermore, the domes are UV and heat-resistant, and have the robust anti-vandal properties due to the polycarbonate material used.

Electricity generation

These smart domes will be equipped with electricity generation and maintenance capabilities, which are operated completely independently. No additional service or energy sources needed.

SMART Technology

The solar-powered batteries in the dome support all the tech included for productive work: Wi-Fi, electric sockets, USB ports, LED lights (controlled by light and movement sensors), remote control, sleep mode, Bluetooth sound system, alarm and video surveillance, temperature  and light control and ventilation.

Easy to clean

The selected materials make the dome cleaning much easier – maintenance does not require large investments or complicated solutions, washing and disinfection of the domes can be done using high-pressure cleaning equipment and accessible disinfectants.

Simple transportation

The structures are adapted for convenient transportation – each of them can be lifted by crane and transported on a platform. The domes are built on a terrace or platform and can stand both on the ground or any other hard surface.  Ensuring an extremely wide range of their possible locations.


Category Public Use Domes
Country Lithuania
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter pavilion for public space
Usage City Public Workplace Open Air office
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 3,5
Size D3,5m H2,8m
Floor Area m2 9,6
Snow / Wind Loads Standart 1.6 kN / 34 m/s
Frame system Frameless AURA Standart
Cover Polycarbonate


Main Assembly Schemes

3m Diameter Dome

Seating capacity: 3 people
Sphere surface area: 22 m2
Floor area: 4,5 m2
Internal volume: 12 m3
Weight: 300 kg
Solar battery: 100W
Accumulator: 12V 100Ah
Current converter DC12V -AC220V: 600W

3,5m Diameter Dome

Seating capacity: 4 people
Sphere surface area: 31 m2
Floor area: 6,2 m2
Internal volume: 18 m3
Weight: 500 kg
Solar battery: 200 W
Accumulator 2V: 100Ah
Current converter DC12V-AC220V: 600W


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