Dinner With A View pop-up restaurant in, Canada

"Dinner with a view" is an event concept established to adapt to Covid restrictions creating a safe and luxurious restaurant dining experience in any location. It's organized in various location in Canada like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver etc. 
 Magical dining experience in Toronto
 Innovative pop-up restaurant concept 


Restaurant experience in dining bubbles

Using our Aura Domes the client build a collection of transparent domes with each little bubble offering a unique and cozy dining experience.

 Collection of Aura Domes for luxury dining experience


Privacy and safety 

Thanks to the private AURA domes, the restaurant can allow its guests to enjoy a luxurious evening out while staying in the comfort and safety of their own private social bubble.

 Privacy and safety for guests


Unique touch and decorations

Each of the little pods features a different aesthetic, including cozy rugs, plants, blankets, and pillows and can accommodate up to 6 guests.

 Beautiful decorations for a festive atmosphere


Sold out success

The first restaurant’s event in downtown Toronto in the winter of 2019 was a sold-out success, receiving national and international media attention. This concept has gained popularity in dining destinations across the United States too.

 Grabbing attention and creating the WOW effect


Aura Dome™ for any climate

Despite the weather conditions the AURA Dome can provide endless possibilities to transform your space into something magical. 

 You choose how to surprise your guests


'Dinner with a view' event organizer

The pop-up restaurant is organized by a Canadian company Dinner With A View Inc. After their first successful event in Toronto, Canada, they continue this practice all over Canada and USA.

Check out their website: https://www.dinnerwithaview.ca/

 Dinner With A View Inc.

Project information:

Product: AURA Dome 
Location: Toronto, Canada
Usage: Dining dome, pop up restaurant dome
Size: Dome diameter 3.6m, floor area 9.8m²
Dome cover: Polycarbonate
Structure type: Frameless shell
Dome producer: VikingDome
Event organizer: Dinner With A View


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