Hiking Cabin Transformation in Norway

A Norwegian TV show Eventyrlig Oppussing (Adventurous home improvements) has renovated a cabin and added the Aura Dome™ on a popular hiking spot 320 meters above sea level in Harstad, Norway.

 Bird's eye video the cabin and Aura Dome™ 
 Viking Dome Viewing Point Dome
  Hiking Cabin with Aura Dome 


Old and rusty cabin, transformed completely by Eventyrlig Oppussing crew

Situated in the mountains of coastal Norway, this was previously a radio link station. The cabin got a complete renovation by the Eventyrlig Oppussing show crew. It became a part of the Harstad Hiking Team, and a perfect tourist attraction.

 Old Cabin Before renovation
 Old cabin before Eventyrlig Oppussing renovation 
 New cabin after renovation
 New cabin after Eventyrlig Oppussing renovation


Aura Dome™ for a deluxe finishing touch

The Eventyrlig Oppussing team built our transparent Aura Dome next to the cabin as an additional touch, complimenting the luxurious renovation. Build on a wooden terrace and equipped with beautiful decorations, this dome is an instant attention-grabber.
 Immersive dome hiking experience.jpg
 Beautiful mountain views 


Hiking stop on the edge of the world

The stunning location and adventurous trails of Harstad attract many hikers and climbers. Bringing a flask of warm tea to your hike would be a great idea if you're passing this dome. Take a shelter from the strong mountainous winds and relax for a while, with a view you will never forget.

 Hiking stop in the dome.jpg
 Spoiling hikers with beautiful views


Watching aurora lights like never before 

The dome provides a complete 360° of your surroundings, no better way to lay down, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Perfect for an alluring nature like Norway's, with occasional, but stunning aurora lights.
 Aurora lights Aura Dome Norway
Aurora light sky watching in the mountains


Glamping over the polar circle

Due to the strong and rigid structure of the Aura Dome hikers can sleep inside the dome overnight, with sleeping bags. The harsh and cold Nordic winds are sustained and campers can feel comfortable and safe, even 320 meters above sea level. 

 Aura Dome Glamping overnight in Norway

 Candles and beautiful decorations for a cozy glamping atmosphere


Snow and blizzard? No problem!

Located over the polar circle in Norway, this Aura Dome had to go through a lot of punishment from mother nature. However, due to the quality materials used and careful engineering, it continuously passes these challenges. Our strongest Aura Dome™ Extreme structures can withstand a max snow load of 3.3 kN and wind load 36m/s. 

Aura Dome in Snow and Blizzard 
 Aura Dome withstands extreme weather conditions

Eventyrlig Oppussing

Eventyrlig Oppussing is an extreme makeover TV show. For the 10th episode of their 4th season, they renovated this beautiful hiking cabin, accompanying it with Viking Dome Aura Dome™.

Check out their website: https://www.eventyrligoppussing.no/

 Viking Dome and eventyrlig oppussing
 Eventyrlig Oppussing, Norway


Project information:

Product: AURA Dome
Location:  Harstad, Norway.
Usage: Viewing point, leisure, glamping
Size: Dome diameter 4.5m, floor area 15.34m²
Dome cover: Polycarbonate
Structure type: Frameless shell
Dome producer: VikingDome
Project company: Eventyrlig Oppussing

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