AURA Ice Bar

Transparent Aura dome is transformed into a cold ice bar in the hot French climate. The structure is built on our constructed terrace. A great contrast from outside heat once you step inside and enjoy a cold drink.



Category Restaurant Domes
Country France
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter all-season pavilion
Usage Summer Bar and Cafe Pavilion
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 6
Size D6m, H3m
Floor Area m2 28
Snow / Wind Loads Standart 1.6 kN / 34 m/s
Frame system Frameless AURA Standart
Cover Polycarbonate



Before assembling the Aura Dome our team built a terrace from individual wooden planks as the base. The dome itself was built from the top down by using a crane. This is a more expensive, but faster way to assemble the Aura Dome.

Afterwards we added furniture and a cooling system to cool the weather inside the dome and create an awesome "Ice Bar" atmosphere for the guests.


Relief During Summer...

Even during a hot summer day the dome is ventilated through tiny micro-ventialtion air gaps between the interconnected shell panels, and the additional conditioning creates an even larger contrast from the hot weather outside. Our Aura domes can be both cooled and heated for various climates.  


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