STAR Connectors for DIY structures

STAR connectors are connecting elements designed to construct a complex spatial structure quickly. STAR connectors and struts are designed in 3D space and manufactured using CNC equipment. This ensures fast and accurate installation of structures.

STAR connectors come in three types: HOBBYCLASSIC & PRO.

STAR CLASSIC is intended to construct pavilions, pergolas, support for creepers, gazebos, greenhouses. In other words – small structures. Diameter up to 12 meters.

STAR PRO is designed for constructions where special strength is required. Suitable for construction projects, we recommend consulting our specialists before choosing this type. Diameter up to 30 meters.

STAR HOBBY is designed for the assembly of small and light constructions. It can be an element of modern interior, a chandelier, part of a sculpture or a mini-greenhouse. It can also be your educational table / room / sales game or a mini model, a prototype for your future more significant building. Diameter up to 5 meters.

What comes in the box?

With your purchase you receive a box full of goods:

  • STAR connectors (amount varies by the size of the order);
  • Screws set (Steel or wood, bits included);
  • Technical information and specification of STAR connectors;
  • Schematics for wood cutting (if needed);
  • Schematics for assembling.

You will also receive online material and online help (if needed), which will allow you to build your dome with your own hands!

ICO geometry

ICO – Icosahedron – is the most common, classic dome geometry. Part of a sphere, dividing the carcass into triangles. The higher the frequency of knots and details, the rounder and more beautiful the dome looks. After removing the panoramic window from the ICO dome, we get the original shape of the roof-stage-gazebo.

HEXA geometry

HEXA – Truncated Icosahedron – is a modified Icosahedron. Part of a sphere. Hexagonal division of the frame. One of the latest and most modern geometries in frame constructions. The smaller the honeycomb, the more STAR connectors are needed. For HEXA constructions, STAR assemblies must be in two layers.

ZOME geometry

ZOME is an imposing dome with top geometry. Part of an irregular sphere with a pointed top. Dividing the carcass into diamonds.

OCTA geometry

OCTA – Octahedron – has an excellent symmetrical geometry that allows you to “cut” the OCTA dome (which makes it more complex with the ICO). OCTA geometry allows you to create a half or fourth of a dome. Part of the sphere ½, and vertical cuts. It is dividing the carcass into triangles.

TUNNEL geometry

TUNNEL OCTA – a hybrid geometry consisting of a split-side OCTA with an embedded arched tunnel. The total length of the TUNNEL OCTA can be easily changed by inserting or removing arches. Thus, dividing the frame into triangles and rectangles.

TUNNEL ICO – a modified Icosahedron. The total length of the TUNNEL ICO is fixed. Dividing the carcass into triangles.

QUADRO geometry

QUADRO – modified ICO or OCTA geometries. Rectangular roof constructions. Dividing the carcass into triangles.


If none of the geometries fits your needs, we are open to any custom projects – we can make pretty much anything you can imagine.


STAR connector types:Struts types:Covers:
STAR ZN – galvanized steel connectors, with galvanized or wood screws.WOOD wooden struts – deep impregnation wood, resistant to constant moisture. The surface is planed, the color is natural green.Our domes are considered frame constructions, therefore any type of covers suitable for frame constructions, are suitable for our domes.
STAR AISI – stainless steel connectors, with stainless steel or wood screws.OAK wooden struts – oak hardwood. The surface is planed, the color is natural.
STAR ZN RAL – galvanized steel connectors, with galvanized or wood screws. The surface is painted with powder paint, color optional. You can pick any color.AISI struts – stainless steel profiles, completely corrosion resistant. The surface is polished, matte.
STAR RAL – steel connectors, with galvanized or stainless steel  or wood screws. The surface is painted with powder paint, color optional. You can pick any color.ALU RAL struts – aluminum profiles, completely corrosion resistant. The surface is painted with powder paint, color optional. You can pick any color.
STAR F – steel units without surface finish, raw steel. Without anti-corrosion coating.ZN struts – galvanized steel profiles, corrosion resistant.
STAR connectors can be made in custom design, with ornaments, engraving/milling, special coatings.
When choosing materials, pay attention to:

  • It is not recommended to build STAR ZN with ZN struts 100m and closer to the sea. Saltwater accelerates ZN corrosion.
  • Support for creepers with Life-Time anti-corrosion guarantee – STAR AISI assemblies, AISI screws, AISI struts. In other words, it is a dome construction made entirely of stainless steel. It can be built anywhere without any restrictions.
  • Strut cross-sections and STAR types must be selected taking into account the future loads of the structure: wind, snow, rainwater, suspended equipment.
  • The strongest and most durable constructions are when STAR units are used in two layers – one unit on the outside of the frame, the other on the inside.

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