Geodesic Dome for Glamping

A collection of four transparent AURA Glamping Domes built in the campsite in Japan used as separate accommodation building. Due to the frameless and fully clear glamping dome design, it creates a unique 360° viewing experience of the nature and night sky.

New Glamping Dome Design

The domes were equipped with a double bed, curtains for privacy and a heater/cooler for climate control and comfort. Aura dome has standard diameter options from 3 m to 12 m, for various sized rooms.

The bubble dome glamping building is elevated on a terrace and only consists of stainless steel, tempered glass and polycarbonate materials so easy to maintenance and longevity is guaranteed.

Glamping Dome AirBnb

The Pure Cottages campsite in Towa is a retreat location for glamorous camping (glamping). They have tent, traditional buildings and one of the best glamping domes for accommodating their guests. A unique way to escape the hustle of the city and relax for a moment.


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Category Hospitality Domes
Country Japan
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter pavilion
Usage Nature hotel, Glamping
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 5
Size D5m, H3m
Floor Area m2 20
Snow / Wind Loads Standart 1.6 kN / 34 m/s
Frame system Frameless AURA Standart
Cover Polycarbonate


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    Glamping Dome for Sale
    Clear Glamping Dome
    Glamping Dome
    Bubble Dome Glamping
    Geodesic Dome for Glamping

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