Garden Greenhouse Dome in the Netherlands

Aura Dome, built in a residential backyard in the Netherlands. The client added a pavement base for the dome and transformed it into a beautiful greenhouse.*

*Images and "quotes" are taken from email communication with the client.

Building the Aura Dome

 Backyard Dome in the Netherlands
 “Last week we finally finished building the AURA dome. We enjoyed doing it. The last few parts were pretty difficult and at the door at one side the polycarbonate was warped. But with some manipulation at the sandy base and pushing from inside the dome at the opposite side, it came beautifully back to the door frame. We are now gradually doing the pavement and are preparing the final touches."


Greenhouse transformation

The client added a sandy base, plants, bookshelf and transformed the transparent dome into a beautiful greenhouse mini garden. It perfectly blends to the architecture and design of the house and adds a beautiful, luxurious touch to the backyard.

 Greenhouse Dome
 "The Aura is finally in use for its purpose: as my wife’s, greenhouse."
 Aura Dome Greenhouse
 "It appears really to be a daily joy to see it in our garden for both my wife and I"


For All Weather Conditions

During a colder weather like night frost, the clients covers the plants, to maintain their longevity. However, the weather does not have to be perfect for the greenhouse to look stunning. 

 Backyard Greenhouse Dome
 "Seedlings covered because of expected night frost."
 Transparent Greenhouse Dome
Mysterious aesthetic to the greenhouse dome


Satisfied With the Aura Dome

The client created a beautiful greenhouse from the transparent dome. It compliments the house design and creates a fun activity for everyone to enjoy.

"I am very impressed by the quality of your product also by the excellent way it was packed and shipped. The instruction manual was adequate and clear. So I would gladly recommend your firm and the Aura dome to others.

Kind regards, Erik.”

 Greenhouse Dome Decorations


Project information:

Product: AURA Dome 
Location: Netherlands
Usage: Greenhouse Dome
Size: Dome diameter 4.5m, floor area 15.34m²
Dome cover: Polycarbonate
Structure type: Frameless shell
Dome producer: VikingDome


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