Riverside floating Restaurant Ø5m – Japan

A beautiful outdoor restaurant over water in Japan. A collection of AURA domes were built for the client, who added furniture and decorations to accommodate guests for an extraordinary dining experience, that the guest won't forget.

Great location

Having a location with a great view and surrounding really enhances the value of the transparent Aura Dome. These domes are situated on the terrace that stretches over the coast of the river, allowing clients to be up close to the water, while still being protected and sheltered from the environment.

Beautiful decorations

Our client did a great job decorating the domes and create a stunning cozy atmosphere around. The restaurant patio is situated in a premium location, where they added artificial grass, colored lights and egzotic plants.

The domes themselves were equipped with necessary dining furnitures, fur blankets, plants and lights surrounding the perimeter. As a result, you get a unique eye-catching and luxurious dining area, that will leave your guest in aw.


Category Restaurant Domes
Country Japan
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter all-season pavilion
Usage Restaurant outdoor terrace
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 5
Size D5m, H3m
Floor Area m2 20
Snow / Wind Loads Standart 1.6 kN / 34 m/s
Frame system Frameless AURA Standart
Cover Polycarbonate

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