Semi-transparent indoor dome Ø3,6m – Vilnius, Lithuania

VikingDome team built a semi-transparent Aura Dome on a terrace to showcase detailed assembly instructions.

This Aura Dome is built on a wooden terrace surface, with an elevated entrance through the door. Perfect utilization for offices as private working space or a point-of-sale area for shopping malls and trade centers. 

About the Semi-transparent Aura Dome

A dome built from a combination of transparent and blackout panels creates a semi-transparent look, utilizing the benefits of both brightness and privacy. The unique design allows natural light to penetrate the dome while shielding the user from the outside.

For cover options we offer:

  • TRANSPARENT: We use clear, monolithic polycarbonate, but other materials can be used, as long as they have the same stiffness, strength, resistance to atmospheric effects, and UV.
  • SEMI-TRANSPARENT: Clear polycarbonate combined with aluminium composite or laminated, waterproof plywood. (Mix of transparency, colours, maturity, plywood or bond plate).
  • BLACKOUT: aluminium composite or laminated, waterproof plywood. Transparent parts are available. (Made solely out of or combination between plywood and bond plate. Can be mixed with transparent polycarbonate).


Category Public Use Domes
Country Lithuania
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter pavilion for public space
Usage Silent room, workplace at open space office
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 3,6
Size D3,6m, H2,14m
Floor Area m2 10
Snow / Wind Loads Event 0.5 kN / 31 m/s
Frame system Frameless AURA Event
Cover Polycarbonate



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