Pool Cover AURA Dome Ø7m – Germany
About the Project

AURA transparent pool by private client in Germany. This type of cover is great for slightly colder climate and allows to extend the season and enjoy the swimming experience even during the harsher weather conditions. 

The cover has a roll-up entrance instead of traditional door for easier access, while still providing great insulation from the cold weather.

Shelter your pool from autumn leaves dust pollen and cold winter weather. Enjoy swimming even when it’s rainy, cold or windy outside. The AURA

Pool Cove is a unique and luxurious addition to your swimming pool, and blends beautifully with the nature.

The pool cover is easy to clean with high-pressure washing equipment.

Natural gravity micro-ventilation in the AURA dome ensures faster evaporation of mist and condensate from the transparent surfaces.

Completely corrosion resistant, all metal parts are made from stainless-steel.

The pavilion is easy to assemble by yourself, we provide assembly instructions and all diagrams.

The pavilion needs a concrete foundation around the perimeter. Or screw foundation.

Pool Cover AURA dome is available in the following sizes: Diameter from 5 to 12

meters, floor area from 20 to 113 square meters.

Using different transparency of polycarbonate panels the cover can be black-out on some parts for added privacy.

We engineer and manufacture all of our domes, which allows us to customize the size, transparency and other features of the AURA Pool Cover Dome.


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About the Project
Pool Cover
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