Dome for music festival “I Land Sound” – Saaremaa, Estonia
About the Project

No doubt, we have built of the most beautiful middle size geodesic event domes yet. Thanks to gorgeous Saaremaa island landscape which emphasizes dome’s beauty.

I Land Sound organizers word:

When the Illik reaches the island of Saaremaa, the temporal dimension disappears and every awakening is marked. There is a fair space for people, cities, animals, and the size of an individual is defined by his heart’s flesh. It’s a habit to save the island, and it also happens on I Land Sound, where pioneers of electronic nightlife, artists and the local community have been joining the event for the enriching event. Three unique days and indelible memories.

Between these rhythms and melodies, we find time to listen to nature and yourself. For four days and three nights, we offer activities for the body and soul, workshops, lectures and performances. Interactive fire sculptures, artists’ decorated planes and various installation attractions. You can take care of your body with a yoga or sauna and offer a cool sea water for a summer holiday.

I Land Sound brings together 29 communities and over 150 domestic DJs. This year, in addition to DJs, live musicians will perform their performances with carefully selected, world-class sound systems from both Estonia and abroad.

Dome for a music festival
Saaremaa, Estonia
Event dome pavilion
Surface area:
469 m²
Base area:
311 m²
20 m
7,14 m
Bearing structure:
Stainless steel tubes
Hub system:
TUBE system
Dome coating:
White and transparent PVC tarpaulin combination
TUBE system pentagon
Transparent PVC tarpaulin
Color PVC tarpaulin
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