Event domes in motor show – Bologna, Italy
About the Project

For a new Nissan model presentation in Italy, a dome-shaped Icosahedron geometry pavilion was planned and built. Steel TUBE construction is used for the frame. A clear PVC  tarpaulin fabric is stretched over the frame. Inside at ceiling height there is suspended a special aluminium construction on which to hang the sound and lighting systems. The Event domes pavilion was mounted on a wooden dais, carpeted inside. Three entrances to the dome were planned with decorative O-door type tambours and two-leaf double-glazed doors.

Event domes pavilion Motor Show Nissan Juke
Bologna, Italija
Transparent PVC tarpaulin
TUBE sistem, Zn galvanised steel
geodesic dome Icosahedron
28 m
Floor area:
615 m²
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