Northern light resort “Sea Sami Village” – Manndalen, Norway
About the Project

The village Manndalen in Lyngen, Troms County, enjoys the world’s largest number of Sea Sami, and the plan is to develop an existing resort there into a complete Sea Sami Village where many of the features and traditions of these peoples will be highlighted in combination with top modern, luxurious glass cabin suites shaped as glass-lavvos (sami tents), turned-around glass boats, spa, saunas, bars, restaurant and more at the shore of the world famous Lyngen Fjord.

Sleeping under their turned-around boats (keel up) was how the Sea Sami and other fishermen often spent there nights, even during harshly cold and windy winter nights. The architect’s grandfather was a Sea Sami from Finnmark, furthest north in Norway. Every winter (this was in the late 1800s) he and other Sea Sami sailed and rowed from there to the Lofoten islands (800 km each way) to participate in the great Lofoten fishery that takes place from January till April each year. During these cold winter months they were fishing during the day and at night they pulled their boats up on shore to have some sort of roof and shelter during the nights.


8 Glass Boat Suites
8 Glass Lavvo Suites
1 Glass Lavvo Restaurant
2 Glass Igloo Suites – double dome + cabin
Northern light resort “Sea Sami Village” (Project proposal)
Aage Myhre
Manndalen, Norway
Mixed architecture hospitality complex
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