VikingDome has a huge variety of different structures and domes – our experience allows us to experiment and come up with unique solutions depending on our customer’s needs. Under this category falls domes and other structures, that enhance your experience while being in nature. Insulated domes, saunas or simple Aura shelters – we make sure every second of your time outside is top notch.
Summer Houses

VikingDome can offer a huge variety of unique solutions for summer houses – we can combine different technologies we have mastered and come up with never seen structures that can act as a temporary glamping house or even a fully functional summer house, amenities included


Our designed Lavvo has a classic shape but a modern execution. Modern glazing technologies allow creating a unique combination – to live in a harsh climate zone and be completely protected from the cold and admire the blizzard or northern lights from a warm, transparent room.
The project was developed for use in Norway beyond the Arctic Circle but is suitable for any climatic conditions.

Insulated Cabins

If you thought we have something for only those who live in the nice and sunny weather – think again. We offer a perfect solution for those who need extra insulation and heating. This can actually act as a real house!

SPA Shelters

Can’t be bothered by building a terrace and finding a solution for a roof over your pool? We’ve got you covered – and we have done it in style! Unique transparent, semi-transparent, or blackout shelters with terraces for your SPA-at-home experience. 

Semi-transparent Dome

Need some privacy? A regular Aura dome with a twist is just a solution for you – you still get to enjoy the night sky and nature, but also hide yourself from outside with our semi-transparent solution. A mix of colors and materials is available. Also you, can choose from different shading options (half, quarter, vertical-half, etc.)

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