Blackout Cover Panels - Aura Dome™ 4.0 - ULTRA

€350,00 EUR (VAT and shipping excluded)
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  • Let us design Aura Dome™ 4.0 - Blackout Cover Panels for you!

    You only pay for the design cost, no extra cost for materials!

    Aura Dome™ 4.0 - Blackout Cover Panels

    • Blackout panels for a semi-transparent dome (%) engineers contact you within 48 hours for exact measure and coverage specifications.

    We determine the Aura Dome cover and its thickness according to the geolocation of the building (Wind and Snow Loads) and its purpose (Standard hardness or Antivandal).

    • TRANSPARENT: We use clear, monolithic polycarbonate, but other materials can be used, as long as they have the same stiffness, strength, resistance to atmospheric effects, and UV.
    • SEMI-TRANSPARENT: Clear polycarbonate combined with aluminium composite or laminated, waterproof plywood. (Mix of transparency, colours, maturity, plywood or bond plate).
    • BLACKOUT: aluminium composite or laminated, waterproof plywood. Transparent parts are available. (Made solely out of or combination between plywood and bond plate. Can be mixed with transparent polycarbonate).

    - Option: % of dome covered (ie. 10%, 25%, 50%)

    - If you select and purchase this option we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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    • Aura Dome 4.0
    • Modular terrace floor
    • Windows
    • Ventilation panels
    • Blackout cover panels 
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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    How is the dome anchored: 

    The Aura dome is achored to the ground using...  

    How to heat/cool the dome: 

    The inside temperature of the dome will be similar as the weather temperature 

    Is the dome rain/wind/snow proof? 

    Yes, the dome is build by interconnecting individaul polycarbonate panels (fish skin principal), which prevents rain, snow and majority of the winf from penetrating the structure.

    Is there ventilation? 

    There are tiny air gaps between the individual dome cover panels. This allows fresh air to enter the dome and creates microventilation. We also offer openable windows as an accessory for more ventilation.

    How to clean the dome? 

    The Aura Dome is easily cleaned using a pressure cleaner and cleaning chemicals found in the majority of households.

    About Polycarbonate Cover 

    Polycarbonate is a non-flammable material, with a flammabilityclass B. The material is also anti-corrosive, and does not shatter or crumble. The polycarbonate panels of the dome are UV-protected on both sides. The dome is easy to clean and disinfect. Aura domes serve perfectly in the temperature range of -40C + 80C. The panels loose 1% of their transparency per year, in a sunny climate.

    Climate loads  

    The recommendations are only valid for enclosed (dome, bubble) domes: In areas with higher winds and snow loads, additional calculations are required. In case of heavy snow covering, it is necessary to occasionally shovel the snow around the dome perimeter. The dome's resistance to extreme snow conditions is enhanced by a temporary central support. 


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