Round Modular Terrace Ø3m

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  • Description
  • Quick-install Round Modular Terraces are fully equipped for speedy installation.

    No additional preparation is required for installation on existing surfaces (paving, asphalt, concrete, smooth grass, etc.). 

    The terrace modules are firmly connected to each other with U-shaped fastenings, so the terrace is strong, solid, and immovable. 

    Read more information about Modular Terrace technology here.

  • Specifications
  • Board material: Pine or Larch

    Frame material: Pine​

    Diameter: Ø3m

    Modular Terrace hexagonal shed height: 90mm​

    Minimum height of the terrace including pedestals: 130mm

    The terrace can withstand loads of up to: 300 kg/m2. 

    Complete Set:

    • Hexagonal and other shapes shields with selected boards and pine wood frame
    • U-shaped three-way joints made from galvanized steel 
    • V-shaped joints made from galvanized steel 
    • Screw set for V-shaped joint fixing
    • Plastic height-adjustable pedestals 50-100 mm
    • Terrace drawings and installation instructions


    1 euro pallet

    Weight (Netto): 230kg

  • Pine Wood Modular Terrace boards 
  • Durable, and weatherproof, can be used outdoors without additional coatings or waterproofing. Due to the sun's UV rays, the wood fades and darkens, but the aesthetic appearance remains neat and beautiful. Deep impregnation is used.

  • Larch Wood Modular Terrace boards 
  • Siberian larch is a tree with exceptionally rare properties. This wood is one of the most weather-resistant wood species, at least twice as long as spruce or pine. Over time, larch's resistance to rot only increases - the wood gains strength and durability.

    • Shipping and Delivery
    • We ship from our production facility in Vilnius, Lithuania, EU. Shipping fees vary based on delivery location. Shipping time is up to 4 weeks in the EU/ 5 weeks to the rest of the world.

      Packaging: 1 euro pallet

      Weight (Netto): 230 kg

      For more information please read our Shipping Policy

    • Assembly
    • Modular Terrace is assembled from multiple pieces. The terrace modules are firmly connected to each other with U-shaped fastenings. 

      A spirit level is required to install the modular terrace. It’s possible to attach/anchor the terrace to the ground or foundation.

    • Maintenance
    • The bottom of the modular terrace is anti-corrosive and doesn't require any maintenance.  To clean the top surface of the terrace you can use dry cleaning or using water and cleaners. The exterior of the terrace boards is water-resistant.
    • FAQ
    • Frequently Asked Questions


      How is the dome anchored: 

      The Aura dome is achored to the ground using...  

      How to heat/cool the dome: 

      The inside temperature of the dome will be similar as the weather temperature 

      Is the dome rain/wind/snow proof? 

      Yes, the dome is build by interconnecting individaul polycarbonate panels (fish skin principal), which prevents rain, snow and majority of the winf from penetrating the structure.

      Is there ventilation? 

      There are tiny air gaps between the individual dome cover panels. This allows fresh air to enter the dome and creates microventilation. We also offer openable windows as an accessory for more ventilation.

      How to clean the dome? 

      The Aura Dome is easily cleaned using a pressure cleaner and cleaning chemicals found in the majority of households.

      About Polycarbonate Cover 

      Polycarbonate is a non-flammable material, with a flammabilityclass B. The material is also anti-corrosive, and does not shatter or crumble. The polycarbonate panels of the dome are UV-protected on both sides. The dome is easy to clean and disinfect. Aura domes serve perfectly in the temperature range of -40C + 80C. The panels loose 1% of their transparency per year, in a sunny climate.

      Climate loads  

      The recommendations are only valid for enclosed (dome, bubble) domes: In areas with higher winds and snow loads, additional calculations are required. In case of heavy snow covering, it is necessary to occasionally shovel the snow around the dome perimeter. The dome's resistance to extreme snow conditions is enhanced by a temporary central support. 


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