Geodesic Domes for Garden

VikingDome has a wide variety of different structures and domes – our experience allows us to experiment and come up with unique solutions depending our customers’ needs.

In this category you can find anything that can be built and used around your home – from small, decorative structures and frames for climbing plants to Aura domes and various glamping solutions.

Greenhouse for Climbing Plants or Luxury Greenhouse

Geodesic ZOME Dome Pergola for climbing plants - Media 7 of 7

Turning your backyard into a living sculpture park has never been so easy. We offer a wide variety of different shapes and solutions for climbing plants to grow on to.




Zome Pergola Gazebo Dome

Recreational and private domes -  ZOME Dome Pergola for climbing plants - Media 6 of 7

Fancy something more natural that blends in with your landscape? Try one of our gazebos, which are easy-to-build and can be your own solo summer project! We offer a diverse range of shapes, sizes and options (covers, struts, etc.)




Aura Garden Pod

Transparent Greenhouse Dome

Fully transparent & frameless Aura Dome made from robust polycarbonate is a perfect luxury addition to your garden. Use it for dining, sky watching, leisure or as a greenhouse. 



Countryside Cabin Dome

Recreational and private domes - Countryside Cabins - Media 3 of 7

Versatile cabins with a terrace and all amenities – perfect solution to act as a temporary summerhouse or guest house. We can guarantee you – this is not something you see every day.




wood frame greenhouse dome building

Combination of our STAR wooden and Aura frameless dome technologies. A structure like this acts as a beautiful decoration to the garden compared to traditional greenhouses.

The dome design allows plants and vegetables to grow inside as well as on the surrounding outside perimeter.





DIY Star Connector Kit

We provide you a kit with STAR connectors and a detailed drawings of the dome structure.

STAR connectors are connecting elements designed to construct a complex spatial structure quickly.

We can also provide all the elements for your dome.



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