Quick-install Modular Terrace

Quick-install Modular Terraces are fully equipped for speedy installation. The 40-50 m2 terrace can be fully assembled by two people in less than an hour. 
Only a spirit level is required to install the modular terrace. After complete installation, the terrace becomes very strong and immovable, due to the panels interlocking with each other with the help of a U-profile.

Adjustable height

The terrace set includes height-adjustable pedestals. Adjustment height of 0-45 mm.  Installation on the ground requires a prepared base, levelled and compacted area.

No additional preparation is required for installation on existing surfaces (paving, asphalt, concrete, smooth grass, etc.).

When installing in highly winded areas, it is recommended to attach the terrace to the ground / foundation.

The terrace modules are firmly connected to each other with U-shaped fastenings, so the terrace is strong, solid and immovable.

The terrace can withstand loads of up to 300 kg / m2.

The terrace can be used for events with large numbers of people or heavy furniture or equipment.

Please note that if you are planning heavy-duty events, you need to install the foundation properly. 

Download Quick-install Modular Terraces Brochure 2022

Modular Terrace options

BOARD materials 18-22 mm:

  • BALAU – exotic hardwood terrace board
  • OAK – hardwood terrace board
  • ASH – hardwood terrace board
  • PINE – pine wood terrace board
  • PLYWOOD – 18mm laminated non-slip plywood, water-resistant. Colors: brown, gray, black
  • OSB – 18mm OSB panel
  • OSB INSULATED –  two-layer 18mm OSB panel. Space 100 mm between OSB layers filled with rock wool or wood wool insulation

BOARD fixing type:

  • LUX – hidden screw
  • BASIC – screw from top, visible heads

FRAME system same size h70x40 mm:

  • ALU – aluminum welded hexagonal frame
  • WF – solid wood hexagonal frame, impregnated pinewood. 

Modular Terrace hexagonal shed height 90mm. Total Terrace height (with adjustable pedestals) 120-185mm

Modular Terrace set includes:

  • Hexagonal and other shapes shields with selected boards and frame
  • U-shaped three-way joints made from galvanized steel
  • V-shaped joints made from galvanized steel Screw set for V-shaped joint fixing
  • Plastic height-adjustable pedestals Terrace drawings and installation instructions

Transportation and storage

The terraces are transported and stored on the euro pallet. 1 euro pallet, is around 10-12 m2. 1 euro pallet brutto weight is 200-250 kg.



The Modular Terrace is assembled from multiple pieces. The terrace modules are firmly connected to each other with U-shaped fastenings.

The 40-50 m2 terrace can be installed by two people in less than an hour.

A spirit level is required to install the modular terrace from the tool. It’s possible to attach/anchor the terrace to the ground / foundation.

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