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About Viking Dome

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Founded in 2001, at Viking Dome we have over 20 years of extensive experience in building domes of all shapes and sizes. We have perfected technologies developed in-house to meet any of your need and wishes for dome building, whether as a DIY project or as a bespoke project anywhere in the world.





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Our Mission

To create architectural solutions that would bring people closer to buildings of natural forms and create a harmonious environment for future generations.


Our Vision

A leading company in dome-shaped and free-form structures which transforms ordinary places into spaces of unique experiences.



To become the number one company which hospitality sector businesses, architects and designers seek when looking for the solutions to their extraordinary projects. 



To create a network of partners that can immediately serve customers anywhere in the world.



To create jobs where people can express and reach their full professional potential.



To be up-to-date with the latest technology, while following the principles of sustainable activities. 


Our Values 

      • Passion for continuous development and innovation
      • Flexibility & adaptation to customers‘ needs
      • Long-term partnerships
      • Client long-term value creation
      • The best specialists
      • Teamwork culture