DIY Dome Star Connectors by VikingDome

DIY Dome Star Connectors

STAR connectors are connecting elements designed to construct a complex spatial structure quickly.

DIY Dome Star Connectors

STAR connectors come in three types by dome diameter:

STAR HOBBY – for smaller structures of up to 5 meter / 16ft diameter. Perfect for your garden scaping hobby, summer garden pod construction, which can be turned into kids playground, your garden office, relaxation room or anything you imagine. It can be a greenhouse or even be a mini model, or prototype of a bigger structure you will once build. 

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DIY Dome Star Connectors - STAR Hobby

STAR CLASSIC – for small to medium structures of 3 to 12 meter / 9ft to 39ft diameter. Suitable for construction of pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, support structures for climbing plants, greenhouses, garden domes, summer houses, outdoor buildings and other structures.

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DIY Dome Star Connectors - STAR Classic

STAR PRO – for large diameter and height structures of up to 30 meter / 98ft diameter, where particular strength is required. Suitable for construction of spacious event domes, residential houses or load-bearing structures of a building structure. For PRO projects, consider consulting our specialists before choosing this type.

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DIY Dome Star Connectors - STAR PRO

What's included in the DIY Connector Kit?

  • STAR Connectors 
  • Screws set. (M5x40; steel / wood)
  • Bits for screws.
  • Specification of STAR Connectors.
  • Scheme for wood cutting.
  • Scheme for assembling dome frame.
  • Safe package.

Why choose STAR DIY Connector Kit?

  • STAR connectors and struts are designed in a 3D space and manufactured using CNC equipment. This ensures accurate frame and cover installation. 
  • STAR connector ends are laser engraved, which ensures fast structure assembly. 
  • Every STAR Connector kit includes a wooden strut cutting manual, which shortens the strut cutting process and ensures error-free assembly. 
  • STAR Connector system creates small gaps at the top of triangles, which allow ventilation and air circulation in the structure. This ensures longevity for the wooden struts. 
  • STAR Connector system has a wide selection and adaptability. Different coating (zinc, AISI, RAL...), size (hobby, classic, pro), layer single, double-layer, depending on dome diameter and desired rigidity. 
  • If you didn’t find a suitable STAR connector, we can design and manufacture custom connectors: larger, thicker, more/fewer holes, etc.  

What can you build with STAR Connectors?

Any dome-shaped structure, that abides the laws of physics and more. Here are some of the structures you can build.

Geodesic Dome Connector Strucutres


Implemented projects using STAR Connectors 

Insulated glamping dome project in the French Alps

This connector set was used for this dome: Icosahedron V3 4/7 STAR Classic Geodesic Dome DIY Connectors Kit

Event pavilion in Monaco 


Beach Restaurant Dome in Lithuania


These are just a few of the hundreds of our implemented projects using  STAR connectors. View VikingDome full portfolio here.

There are many variations of shapes, sizes, materials and other custom elements available for building your dome with VikingDome connectors. 

STAR Connector Strut Recommendations

Oak wooden struts – Planed surface oak hardwood, natural color, available with or without additional coatings (oil, stain, paint, varnish).

Impregnated wooden struts – deep impregnation wood, resistant to constant moisture. Planed surface, natural color. Durable, moisture-resistant.

AISI struts – stainless steel profiles, completely corrosion resistant. The surface is polished, matte.

ALU RAL struts – aluminum profiles, completely corrosion resistant. Powder-painted in any RAL palette color.

ZN struts – galvanized steel profiles, corrosion-resistant. 

Star Connector Coating

STAR ZN – zinc coated steel connectors, with galvanized or wood screws.

Geodesic-dome-hubs-DIY-kit -galvanized-Zn

STAR AISI – stainless steel connectors, with stainless steel or wood screws.

Geodesic-dome-hubs-DIY-kit-stainless-steel- AISI304

STAR RAL – powder-painted steel connectors, with galvanized or stainless steel or wood screws. You can pick any color.

If you choose the powdered RAL coating option, indicate the RAL color code in the checkout message box.

RAL color chart:


Choosing full stainless steel construction grants you Lifetime Anti-corrosion Warranty!*

*Warranty is provided for stainless steel AISI STAR connectors, screws, and AISI struts, or AISI STAR connectors, screws, and FIBER struts.


Where can I buy them?

We have added our most popular DIY connector kits to our store catalogue here. However, if you have a custom project feel free to fill the form below, and we will get in touch with you.