Geodesic Domes for Hospitality

Geodesic Domes for Hospitality

VikingDome has a wide variety of different structures and domes – our experience allows us to experiment and come up with unique solutions depending our customers’ needs.

Structures in this category are meant to serve recreational resorts, hotels, glamping accommodation, camping sites or more. Our products can perfectly fit personal needs too.

Insulated Luxury Glamping Dome

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If you thought we only have something for those who live in a nice and sunny climate – think again.

We offer a perfect solution for those who need extra insulation and heating. This can actually act as a real house!



AURA / STAR Glamping Dome

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AURA / STAR Glamping Dome.

Our AURA / STAR Glamping Domes are fully prepared for living – completed with a sanitary unit, these domes can basically replace a temporary residential house anywhere in nature.

Equipped with a climate control system, as well as electricity, part of the dome can be opaque for privacy (or you can simply use curtains).

Part of the dome is a wooden terrace that allows one to enjoy nature to the fullest.



Aura Dome Alpine COCOON - Insulated dome for glamping

Alpine Cocoon Dome

Perfect solution for those who need extra insulation and heating

Aura Dome Alpine COCOON can actually act as a real house! Great solution as a country house or a glamping dome for colder climate countries.

It allows you to offer your guests an amazing glamping experience in a convenient home-like environment at any weather.

We offer a variety of sizes – from intimate little pods to larger size glamping cabins, divided into separate areas.



AURA Dome Alpine Rescue Dome

glamping dome aura alpine

Compact, wind, and snow resistant pavilion designed for use in extreme conditions

Depending on the equipment, it can be used for sightseeing, recreation, and accommodation for mountain travelers and climbers.

Up to 4 people can sleep inside.



Transparent Aura Glamping Dome

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AURA Dome adapted for guest accomodation, for a unique nature viewing experience.

The Dome can be equipped with furniture, curtains for privacy and heater/cooler for climate control. Great solution for hotels and resorts. 



Glass Lavvo

Lavvo dome

Our designed Lavvo has a classic shape but a modern execution

Modern glazing technologies allow for a unique combination – to live in a harsh climate zone, but be completely protected from the cold and admire the blizzard or northern lights from a warm and transparent room.

The project was developed for use in Norway beyond the Arctic Circle but is suitable for any climatic conditions.

Optional automatic glass heating technology.

Glass options 

  • GU – Glass Units
  • IGU – Insulated Glass Units
  • TGU – Triple Glass Units


Modular Toilet / Sanitation Container

Modular WC container

Equipped with other types of domes, this module allows you to install a fully functional self-contained campsite, virtually anywhere in nature



AURA Dome For Hospitality 2022

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