Geodesic Domes for Events and Trading Expositions

Geodesic Domes for Events

Event Domes by VikingDome

VikingDome has a wide variety of different structures and domes – our experience allows us to experiment and come up with unique solutions depending our customers' needs.

Structures in this category primarily serve event, expo or wedding companies. The examples you see below are meant for businesses, but can perfectly fit your personal needs too.

Transparent Event Domes

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Fully transparent dome for expositions, events or concerts

A steel TUBE construction is used for the frame, and a clear PVC  tarpaulin fabric is stretched over the frame.

Inside at ceiling height there is suspended a special aluminum construction on which to hang the sound and lighting systems.


Semi-Transparent Event Domes

Event Domes - Media

Semi-transparent dome for expositions, events or concerts

A steel TUBE construction is used for the frame, and a wooden terrace for the base.

A clear PVC tent together with a blackout tent is stretched over the frame. As a result, a semi-transparent cover is created.


Aura Dome for Expositions
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Our iconic Aura Dome can be perfectly adapted for expositions and built to a size up to 12 m in diameter

This dome has a luxurious and eye catching design, which is perfect for attracting more people to your expo.

It can be decorated and presented in many different way to suite your product or service.


Interconnected Event Domes
Exodome interconnected event dome

Two or more domes that are connected by a round tunnel in between them

This option creates a more spacious feeling and is perfect for events that want to display different themes in the same building.

A great way to quickly and efficiently build an impressive structure. 



Events Shelter Dome
Event dome shelter for events

A 2/3 shelter dome for events – perfect for trades or presentations, while being protected from the wind, rain and snow.

It can also act as a representative of your brand. You can build this dome on a separate wooden terrace or other flat surface.



Tube Pavilion Dome for Events
Event dome - Tube pavilion

Tunnel shaped structures are perfect for outdoor events and celebrations

A large variety of covers and frames allows us to freely design the best possible option for any occasion, big or small. 


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