Geodesic Domes for Restaurants

Aura Bubble acts as a perfect one-table space for restaurants or cafés.

  • It can withstand pretty much any weather conditions and can be heated or cooled.
  • A perfect solution for seating your guests outdoor, without building a roof.
  • You can read all about the Aura Bubble Pod Dome shown in the picture at a restaurant in Finland from the link below. 



    Semi-Transparent AURA Dining Domes

    Need some privacy? A regular Aura Dome with a twist is a perfect solution for you.

    Enjoy the night sky and nature, while covering yourself from the outside with our semi-transparent solution. A mix of colours and materials are available.
    Choose from different shading options (half, quarter, vertical-half, etc.)





    AURA Domes for Restaurants and Events 

    Our iconic Aura Dome can be built to a size up to 12 m in diameter.

    This allows a hosting of a fully functional restaurant with plenty of room for tables or even a stage. It can also be used for personal or public events and festivals.





    Dining Room Domes for Hotels and Resorts 

    At VikingDome we offer a wide variety of unique solutions for Dining Domes

    We can combine different technologies and come up with structures never seen before, that can act as a restaurant space, glamping igloo, outdoor yoga gym, or even a fully functional summer house, amenities included.

    Perfect for glamping and restaurant businesses





    Beach Bar Event Pavilion Dome 

    A Beach Bar Pavilion Dome can be built using our STAR Connector system.

    In the image below wooden struts were custom painted in an orange colour, and a semi-transparent PVC dome cover was added. 




    Restaurant QUADRO Pavilion Dome 

    The QUADRO Dome is a free-form structure

    The QUADRO Dome is a free-form structure that perfectly shields from sun, rain, or wind and allows the customers to enjoy their refreshing drinks and lunch or dinner menu. 





    Tube Pavilion Dome for Restaurants and Events 

    Tunnel shaped structures are perfect for outdoor events and restaurants

    With a large variety of covers and frames on offer, it allows us to freely design the best possible option for your occasion. Steel frame, PVC tarpaulin cover.





    Bar Shelter Dome 


    Bar Shelter Dome– perfect for seasonal events. It can also act as a representative stand for your brand.




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    AURA Dome For Restaurants 2022

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