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As engineering company to its core VikingDome understands that great construction depends most on the frame & cover systems.  

With more than 20 years of perfected geodesic dome building technologies and in depth knowledge of any geometry, we can make any of your wishes come true. Nothing is impossible! 

Most of the domes build by VikingDome are unique structures. We provide our clients with calculations according to architectural, constructional and visual requirements. We offer several connectors, dome frame and cover systems and their combinations. 

Frame & Cover designing

Design of all types of dome frame systems and assemblies, as well as load calculations. 

Manufacturing of structures 

Preparation of production drawings and manufacturing of structural elements, facades, entrances, windows. 

Assembly of structures 

Dome assembly on-site, supervisor or expert service. 

Trading in workpieces 

We sell assemblies, frames and their designs separately or as a kit. 

Aura Dome 

Aura Dome is a unique, frameless and fully transparent pavilion-type building. VikingDome engineers developed a large variety of size models for different snow/wind load resistance. 

Aura Dome™ comes as a prefabricated packaged kit, ready for self-assembly. 98% of our customers install their Aura Dome™ on their own. Check out the description on the product pages for more detailed information. Additionally, there are optional accessories: Windows, doors, modular terraces and ventilation panels. 

Aura Dome™ is made for indoor and outdoor projects and is suitable for private and business use. 

Every Aura Dome™ size has a model that is designed for short events, seasonal use, or year-round use. There are many purposes of the Aura Dome™ and your imagination is the only limit. The most common uses are recreational garden, restaurant dining pod, accommodation space for hotels, exposition pod, and area to host events. 

STAR Connectors

STAR connectors are made of 1.5mm-5mm thick steel. Laser-cut star-shaped parts can be used with metal, timber, aluminum, and glass fiber frames. Suitable for cold and insulated constructions. 

 Good anti-corrosion protection. The assemblies can be used with the frames of different materials. Suitable for DIY projects, hinges can be cut from your materials according to the drawings provided by us. 

Suitable for almost all types of domes, cold and warm buildings and structures, residential houses, pavilions, and greenhouses.  

STAR CLASSIC-for construction of pavilions, roofs, pergolas, gazebos, greenhouses, garden houses, summer houses, saunas, farm buildings, supports for creepers and construction of other buildings. In other words -Small construction. (3 Up to 12 m in diameter). 

STAR PRO -for constructions where special strength and rigidity is required. Suitable for construction projects, construction of residential houses, load-bearing structures, large-height or diameter structures. We recommend consulting our specialist. (up to 30 m in diameter). 

STAR HOBBY & DECO -designed to create elements of modern interior: Chandeliers, interior elements sculptures. For educational table / room / hall games of small and light construction. Mini model, a prototype for your full-scaled future building. Part of a garden or public space: support for creepers, decorative structure between gels, decor for rock garden or structure that adds shape, decorations, well covers. (up to 5 m in diameter) 

Suitable covers and facades: PVC tarpaulin, OSB+PVC combined, Composit panels, Ventilated facade, Tempered glass units GU, Tempered insulated glass units IGU. 

Traditional insulating solutions or Hemp. 

Prefabricated interior panels. 

T-STAR Connectors

T-STAR is the most versatile system we have and can be used for all types of domes. A star-shaped hub is connected by screws with frame elements – struts. Many types of frame materials fit T-STAR hubs: steel, aluminium, wood and glued timber, as well as glass fibre profiles, are suitable for this system of assembly. The t-shaped profile is the most commonly used. However, there are other options for frame profiles (U-shaped, C-shaped, angular, H profiles or HEB profiles). 

 The most robust and versatile system we have. 

 It is suitable for almost all types of domes, cold and insulated buildings. T-STAR system is used for administrative, commercial and industrial-warehousing purpose building structures or their parts (roofs, large skylights). 

Suitable covers and facades: PVC tarpaulin, OSB+PVC combined, Composit panels, Ventilated facade, Tempered glass units GU, Tempered insulated glass units IGU, Triple glass units TGU. 

TUBE System Frame

TUBE system frame details are made from round metal pipes of different lengths ranging in diameter from 15mm to 50mm. Frame details are interconnected with screws (single bolt assembly). 

Convenient transportation, quick assembly and disassembly, and robust aerodynamic design. 

Domes for events, arbours, hangars for aeroplanes, and sports. It is usually used for temporary or seasonal buildings, as well as cold pavilions. 

Suitable covers prefabricated ready-to-install PVC tarpaulin. 

Quick-install Modular Terraces

Quick-install Modular Terraces are fully equipped for speedy installation. The 40-50 m2 terrace can be fully assembled by two people in less than an hour. 

Quick-install wooden modular terraces are fully equipped for speedy installation. The 10-20 m2 terrace can be fully assembled by two people in less than an hour. Only a spirit level is required to install the modular terrace. After complete installation, the terrace becomes very strong and immovable, due to the panels interlocking with each other with the help of a U-profile. ​ 

The terrace set includes height-adjustable pedestals, with adjustment height of 0-45 mm. Installation on the ground requires a prepared base, levelled and compacted area. No additional preparation is required for installation on existing surfaces (paving, asphalt, concrete, smooth grass, etc.). When installing in highly winded areas, it is recommended to attach the terrace to the ground / foundation. The terrace modules are firmly connected to each other with U-shaped fastenings, so the terrace is strong, solid and immovable. The terrace can withstand loads of up to 300 kg / m2. ​ 

The terrace can be used for events with large numbers of people or heavy furniture or equipment. Please note that if you are planning heavy-duty events, you need to install the foundation properly. Round standard modular terrace diameters range from 2.5 to 12 meters. Floor area can be up to 113 m2. The terraces are transported and stored on the euro pallet. 1 euro pallet, is around 10 m2.​ 

Glass Domes & Skylights

Glass dome-shaped buildings and skylights have different thermal design, functions, and technologies used. 

Modern innovative VikingDome Glass technologies are perfect for the design and construction of glass buildings or their elements (facades, skylights). 

Glass dome-shaped buildings have different thermal design, functions,  and technologies used. 

The VikingDome team design and manufacture any glass dome for your desired purpose and function. Manufactured parts, installation instructions and drawings are sent to your construction site. We provide supervisor services worldwide. 

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