Geodesic Domes for Public Purposes

Geodesic Domes for Public Use

Public Use Domes by VikingDome

VikingDome has a wide variety of different structures and domes – our experience allows us to experiment and come up with unique solutions depending our customers’ needs.

Structures in this category are primarily for public use. The examples you see below are meant for businesses, but can perfectly fit your personal needs too.

School Classroom Dome

Geodesic Dome for Elementary School in Tel Aviv Israel - Media 1 of 6

Contemporary design dome structure as an additional space for school kids to learn and play. 

A perfect solution to host classes and add a unique architecture to a school facility.




Glass Sauna Dome

Glass Sauna Dome - Public Use Domes by VikingDome - Media 2 of 6

The floating sauna dome is made from planed oak struts with stainless steel connectors and is covered with tempered glass.

It also features a glass door with stainless steel frame. When used for public exploitation, the sauna can come with optional modules, which are equipped with sanitary units and changing rooms.

Modules are manufactured with the interior decoration and plumbing. Delivered to the installation site fully ready to use, mounted on a prepared base.




SMART Public Office Workspace 

Smart Office Geodesic Domes for Public Use - Media 4 of 6

A unique solution for mobile and autonomous workplaces, using our frameless, transparent, modular Aura Dome technology.

The domes are UV and heat-resistant, and have the robust anti-vandal properties due to the polycarbonate material used.

These smart domes are equipped with electricity generation and maintenance capabilities, which are operated completely independently. No additional service or energy sources needed.





Silent Rooms for Open Office Spaces

Frameless Geodesic Domes for Office Use - Media 3 of 6


This project involves the AURA Dome™ which is used as silent room, workspace and a meeting room, providing sound isolation and full transparency at the same time.

Additional stainless-steel arches are used as a design element with integrated lighting. This interior design solution shows how dividing private and public workspace can create the feeling of  team work and privacy.




Contemporary Cinema Dome Tunnel


Geodesic Dome Cinema - Public Use Domes - in Barcelona - Media 5 of 6

Contemporary Cinema Dome Tunnel

Insulated facade, plywood exterior triangle plates.  Prefabricated set.





Trade or Expo Structure – Geodesic Wood Frame


Geodesic Trade or Expo Structure - Public Use Domes - Media 6 of 6

Contemporary design dome structure as an additional space for elementary school kids to learn and play.



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