Aura Dome™ Snow and wind load standards

The Aura Dome™ - STANDARD models are strong and durable for most cases both indoor and outdoor, if the weather conditions are not such that the snow load is too large. This can be checked based on your location using this tool that allows you to check for snow loads based on your location anywhere in the world:


Snowload map

If you are from North America, you can check the snow load based on your location from this link.

The AURA Dome Standard Strength Index is made of 5 strength categories that can withstand the following Snow- and Wind loads:

TYPE Max. Snow load Max. Wind load
LIGHT 0.5 kN 31 m/s
STANDARD 1.6 kN 34 m/s
PRO 2.2 kN 38 m/s
ULTRA 2.7 kN 42 m/s
EXTREME 3.3 kN 46 m/s

Note: The maximum specified load can cause a slight deformation of the polycarbonate part. Exceeding the specified maximum load may result in greater bending or damage to the polycarbonate part.

In all cases, a new spare part can be ordered in place of irreparably damaged parts. It is only necessary to identify it in the assembly scheme.

Do you have any questions or need assistance in determining which dome type is right for you? Don't hesitate to reach out using the form below, we're happy to help you make the right choice!