3-12m Aura Domes for Restaurants

3-12m Aura Domes for Restaurants

Aura Dome for Restaurants

Aura Dome™ for restaurants are fully transparent and frameless dining pods.
There are 3 main benefits of Aura Dome for restaurants:
  • Firstly, charge money for dome reservation, since clients are willing to pay extra for a unique dining experience.
  • Secondly, attract more foot traffic, due to the transparent and eye-catching dome structure.
  • Lastly, serve more clients outdoors year-around, regardless of the weather.

Aura Dome Bubble Dining Pod

Aura Restaurant Domes - Photo: Gustav Kitchen & Bar in Rovaniemi Finland - 1 of 5

 Photo: Gustav Kitchen & Bar in Rovaniemi, Finland


Aura Bubble is a ball-shaped transparent dome that is mainly used as one-table dining area for restaurants or cafés.

It withstands pretty much any weather conditions and can be heated or cooled. Our dome in this image over the polar ring withstands temperatures up to -25°C.


Semi-transparent AURA Restaurant Dome

Aura Restaurant Domes - 2 of 5

Photo: Outdoor cafe in Birstonas, Lithuania

Regular Aura Dome fitted with any color panels, to create a semi-transparent look.

These panels create a natural shadow inside and protect your customers from the sun, and add extra privacy. Choose from different shading options (half, quarter, vertical-half, etc.).

AURA Domes for Urban Restaurants

Aura Restaurant Dome - 3 of 5

Photo: Riverside restaurant in Paris, France

Our iconic Aura Dome for urban restaurants can be built on your existing terrace or concrete in sizes up to 12 m in diameter.

This allows a hosting of a fully functional restaurant with plenty of room for tables

Dining room for Hotels and Resorts

Aura Restaurant Domes - 4 of 5

Photo: Meldrum House Country Hotel & Golf Course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Aura Dome for hotels and resorts is perfect for creating a unique dining atmosphere for your guests.

Provide a cozy ‘dine under the stars’ experience, sorrounded by beautiful nature, while being protected from wind, rain and snow.

Complete set:

  • Hexagon segments of polycarbonate,
  • SS A2 screws and nuts,
  • SS support mounting elements,
  • SS door frame (made from rolled rectangular tubular profile, steel 304L, welded and polished surface),
  • 8mm thick 1946×944 mm tempered glass sash,
  • SS hinges and lockable lock with keys
  • SS – Stainless steel

Aura Restaurant Domes - Technical Dimension Drawings - 5 of 5


Category Restaurant Domes
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter pavilion
Usage Restaurant Dining Pods
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 3-12
Floor Area m2
Snow / Wind Loads 1,0-3,3 kN
Frame system Frameless AURA
Cover Polycarbonate


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