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Our Domes

At VikingDome we have a wide variety of different structures and geodesic domes available - we experiment and come up with unique solutions depending on your wishes

Aura Dome Technology

Our well-developed technology for the construction of frameless dome-shaped buildings. Build domed structures out of panels without using any reinforcing frame.

STAR Dome Technology

STAR connectors are connecting elements designed to construct a complex spatial structure quickly.

T-STAR Dome Technology

T-STAR is the most robust system we have. The star-shaped hubs are connected with screws to the frame elements (struts). Many types of frame materials are suitable for this system of joints: steel, aluminum, structural, and glued wood.

Tube PVC Dome Technology

The standard TUBE PVC structure consists of a dome-shaped steel frame and a ready-made PVC coating adapted to cover the frame.

Glass Domes & Skylights

Modern innovative VikingDome Glass technologies are perfect for the design and construction of glass buildings or their elements (facades, skylights).

Customer reviews

Increased sales and visibility

"These domes have increased our sales and especially our visibility on social media. We couldn’t be more happy with this product and can highly recommend it to others.” - Gustav Kitchen & Bar in Rovaniemi, Finland

Impressive quality

"I am very impressed by the quality of your product also by the excellent way it was packed and shipped. The instruction manual was adequate and clear. So I would gladly recommend your firm and the Aura dome to others” - Erik, DIY Project, The Netherlands

Warm inside when cold outside

"I wanted something different directly outside to see the snow of Quebec.

Yesterday I received 4 people inside the dome and the temperatures outside was -17’C outside and 20’C inside. With a 360’ view outside." - LoisBus, Canada

Transparent bubble domes

Aura Dome™

Aura Dome™ is truly unique, natural, elegant, and efficient – this structure is everything!

The remarkably light and sleek design, resulting from engineering and creativity open new possibilities of interacting with the environment.

Aura Dome™ gives the ability to enjoy nature in the most comfortable way.

It is our well-developed technology for the construction of frameless dome-shaped buildings.