Glamping Pod AURA/STAR

Create a remarkable glamping resort with AURA Glamping Pod domes and provide your guests with an exclusive leisure experience in a beautiful landscape!

AURA & STAR Technologies

AURA Glamping Pod is made from a STAR Wood frame on one side, with a partition in the middle and the AURA polycarbonate cover on the other side.

Transparent or semi-transparent, it keeps the room bright during the day and cozy at night while you are stargazing. Sophisticated design with a terrace allows enjoying the great outdoors.  

Innovative and Unique

AURA Glamping Pod provides cozy, comfortable, and spacious accommodation and naturally blends into the landscape, making the sight look very appealing.
It can be perfectly used as a summer house, garden or guest house, garden office, beach hut, relaxation space, or even playground for kids. Comes with all the necessary amenities. 



Category Hospitality Domes / Recreational and Private Domes
Country France
Type Contemporary design transparent shelter pavilion
Usage Countryside modern Tiny House Cabin
Insulating Not insulated
Diameter 6
Size D6m, H3m
Floor Area m2 28
Snow / Wind Loads Standart 1.6 kN / 34 m/s
Frame system STAR Classic AISI, WOOD Pine C24
Cover Polycarbonate


Pictures of the Project


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