Custom Seasonal Beach Restaurant Dome 

We have built a custom, seasonal dome-shaped restaurant pavilion in the beach of Palanga, Lithuania. It's built using our STAR connector system, custom painted wooden struts, and a panoramic PVC cover.
The restaurant owner had a 3-month long permit during the summer, during which, the business could be operated. The goal was to create a unique, attention grabbing structure, that could attract enough customers and make the restaurant profitable, and be disassembled at the end of the season. All of this had to be achieved while withstanding high winds from the sea, and avoiding corrosion from the salty water.
 Restaurant dome
 Custom design restaurant dome "Osia" in Palanga, Lithuania 


Building the Frame

The frame is build on a wooden terrace base, using our STAR Classic stainless steel connectors and 45 x 45 mm wooden struts.
Both the struts and the connectors were custom painted in orange color as requested by the client. All the struts and connectors were powder-coated using facade paint, thus avoiding corrosion from the salty sea water.
 Geodesic dome frame
 Building the dome with high winds and sand blowing from the sea. The structure still remains stable, rigid and aesthetic.


Putting On the Cover

We've added a semi-transparent light-brown colored PVC cover over the top of the dome. It stretches beautifully over the frame and doesn't leave any wrinkles or folding marks.

The cover is transparent in the front the view the beach and sea and on top to see the sky. Perfect for a location like this.

Geodesic dome tent cover 
Custom Panoramic PVC Cover and Entrance



The dome design looked great, but the interior was also important to get a complete aesthetic look, for the restaurant. The client got creative and perfectly matched all the colors with furniture and decorations.

 Geodesic dome bar
Beautiful combination of orange, creme brown and white 
Geodesic dome restaurant 
Green plants and blue sea. Amazing views... 


Instant attention-grabber

The "Osia" dome is an instant attention-grabber from beach visitors, looking for a refreshing drink or a tasty meal. Additionally it managed to gain 1,3k followers on it's dedicated facebook page.

 "Osia" Bar and Restaurant video


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