Retreat Geodesic Domes in the Mountains of Japan

Shinshu MIRAI Creation Company from Japan have developed a nature retreat facility in the Japanese highland of Norikura Kogen. They build two 8-meter-diameter Aura Domes to accompany various activities like dining, glamping, sky watching and yoga.* 

*Images and "quotes" are taken from client's Instagram page.

 Norikura Nature Dome
 Norikura Nature Dome in Japan


Building the Aura Domes

Before the grand opening, the client took a team of workers and installed the terrace and assembled the domes. How they described the assembly process:

 Aura Dome Building process
 "Yesterday, we all set up domes in the clear autumn weather."
 Geodesic Dome Building in Japan
 "It was difficult to work while pasting small parts together..."
 Building transparent dome
 "...but the beautiful mountain scenery of Mt. Norikura seen in the back, makes it a pretty photogenic spot!"
 Glamping dome building Viking Dome
 "because it's transparent, you may be able to see the stars beautifully at night!"


Glamping Dome Sky watching Under the Stars

Thanks to the beautiful and cinematic location of the resort, people can witness the starry night sky, temporary removing themselves from the urban landscape. Here is what the client said about their sky watching experience:

  Dome Skywatching
 "We were blessed with the weather last night and enjoyed watching the starry sky. The Milky Way was perfectly visible"
 Sky watching in a geodesic dome
 "The local starry sky guide who guided us said: "Today is the best condition even these days." I was delighted. Thank you to everyone who participated."


Norikura Star & Moon Dome Restaurant

Our client transforms the dome into a restaurant under the skies. Guests are served gourmet meals, and can even cook inside the dome with a mini stove. What the owner said about the special dining experience:

 Geodesic dome restaurant luxury dining
 "A local concierge welcomes guests to serve food and drinks..."
 Geodesic dome dining in nature
 "In addition to the scenery and food, there are many conversations with customers, such as stories unique to the local area and unique stories of the concierge, and everyone says "it was fun"."
 Dome Restaurant in Japan
 "The view from inside the transparent dome is like looking at a painting of nature. Nature is exciting and moving because I can't read ahead."


 Premium dome dining in nature 

The dome restaurant uses a mini-stove to keep their clients meal warm inside the dome, so they can take their time and absorb the beauty of nature. Ingenious ideas lead to beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

 Geodesic dome dining in the nature
"Enjoy a relaxing Shinshu premium beef dinner while enjoying the ever-changing scenery of nature in a plateau surrounded by 360-degree nature." 
 Dining pod in Japan
  "The restaurant of the stars and the moon is held in the transparent dome, so that you can enjoy nature while feeling it with all five senses!"


Geodesic Dome Cozy Mountain Library

Libraries don't have to be rigid and boring. Instead of the regular silence, you can hear the peaceful rustling of trees and gentle chirping of insects. Another creative way to transform the Aura Dome.

 Geodesic dome mountain library
"Why don't you spend luxurious time reading a book, while drinking coffee leisurely in the transparent dome"
 Aura dome library in the mountains
 "On a rainy day, listening to the sound of rain. Would you like to read a book slowly"


Transparent Dome Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is not only great for your health, but also your mind. Practicing it surrounded by nature and beautiful views makes it even better. With the help of a professional yoga trainer, you can escape daily stress and submerge yourself in a blissful, relaxing experience, even if just for a moment...
 Yoga and meditation in a geodesic dome
 "Go to Mt. Norikura in the daytime and participate in the Sunset Meditation & Yoga in the evening. Yoga after descending the mountain feels really good. This should make you tired the next day differently."
 Yoga dome in nature
"Today we held a morning yoga event at the NATURE DOME. The temperature got cold this morning, but the slow sunlight and yoga relaxed my body, so everyone in the participating photos was very satisfied, saying, "I had a very pleasant time." The frosted dome has a very mysterious atmosphere."


Dome Covered in Snow, still No Days Off...

Due to the climate in Japan, it can get extremely snowy. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to leave your house, just because of the amount of snow that has pilled up during the night. However, adventurous Aura Dome owners went inside, even during day like these:

 Geodesic dome in snow
 "Before using the dome the other day, we dug it out ☃️ It's just a huge snow mountain."


Great observation from the client. Lesson learned

Dome in snow Japan
 "There was thick ice in front of the door, The door won't open 😂 . Why did you choose a door that opens outwards? It was us who regretted it. Lol"


The dome was fully covered in snow and in some parts even ice, due to the freezing weather. They have recorded their journey of shoveling off the snow from the geodesic dome and noticed that some ice formed in front of the door, which would not open. They managed to remove it, and made an observation that the door should open to the inside of the dome and not outside.

In any building, every square centimeter of space matter and costs money. For this reason, we make our Aura Dome glass door open to the exterior. However, on request, our team of engineers can design a door that opens to the interior and even both interior AND exterior. Nonetheless, this is a great comment and observation from the owner, which we are thankful for.


Hard work pays off
Finally, the team finished shoveling the snow and decided to enjoy some coffee in a warm dome, sheltered from the outside cold.
 Geodesic pod dining
 "Everyone who worked with us in the cold, Thank you so much 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ Coffee time in the warm dome after work was the best time"



Shinshu Miraidukuri

 Our client is a company, that plans and manages various sightseeing events. In the mountain village area of ​​the Alps, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture "Restaurant of the stars and the moon" and "Norikura Nature Dome" etc. 

Check out their website:

Check out their Instagram:

 shinshu.miraidukuri company


Project information:

Product: AURA Dome
Location:  Norikura, Japan.
Usage: Sky watching, restaurant, library, yoga and meditation
Size: Dome diameter 8m, floor area 50.18m²
Dome cover: Polycarbonate
Structure type: Frameless shell
Dome producer: VikingDome
Project company: Shinshu Miraidukuri
 Dome with a dog Viking Dome
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