Bus Restaurant Dining Pod in Canada

The Frameless Aura Dome is used here as a bus restaurant dining pod in Canada. The dome is built on a wooden terrace, built by the client, for extra isolation, design and aesthetic look. 

 LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod Ø3.6m – Canada - Media 1 of 10
 As you can see, the client has a prime location, with a beautiful view, which increases the “wow” effect of the Aura Dome.

Lois Bus Restaurant Dining Pod - Video

Added light decoration

Adding some light decoration creates a cozy atmosphere during the evening and makes the structure look even more stunning.

Here is what Lois said about the Aura Dome for his bus restaurant:

 LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod owner
 “I love this dome, it’s incredible, I’ll probably buy another one soon!! The concept of the restaurant with my bus is perfect around Canada."

Transformed a school bus into a house and restaurant

"In fact, I bought this Canadian school bus 2 years ago to transform it into a house and a restaurant, I’m a cook since 10 years, and it’s my first restaurant, also the first restaurant in a bus."

 LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod Dome - Media 2 of 10
Dinner with a view

Seeing the snow in Quebec

"Last summer I was receiving the clients inside the bus with a table for 5 people, but for the winter I wanted something different directly outside to see the snow of the Quebec."

 LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod - Media 3 of 10
 Welcome at LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod

Discovering Aura Dome

"I was thinking of a geodesic dome with a steel frame and a clear vinyl, but finally I find the aura dome. Easier to move and disassemble because I’m changing places everything 2 weeks or month."

LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod Ø3.6m – Canada - Interview
 Blending in beautifully with the environment

Comfortable even in cold temperatures

"I built the structure of the floor and I can receive 8 people around a beautiful wood round table. Yesterday I received 4 people inside the dome and the temperatures outside was -17’C outside and 20’C inside. With a 360’ view outside.”

Check out Lois’ website: https://loisbus.com

Project Specifications

  • Product: Aura Dome
  • Address: Canada
  • Usage: Bus Restaurant Pod
  • Dome Cover: Polycarbonate
  • Structure: Frameless Shell


     LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod Ø3.6m – Canada
    Starry night skies in Quebec


     LoisBus Restaurant Dining Pod Ø3.6m
     The added lights create an almost magical effect


     Bus Restaurant Dining Pod

    Shielded from wind



    Surrounded by the beautiful environment

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