Aura Bubble Pods in a Restaurant next to Santa Claus Residence

Two beautiful transparent Aura Bubble Pods built for a restaurant in Rovaniemi, Finland. The dome has a 10 square meter floor area and comfortably fits a table of 3 people. For colder seasons, the pod is heated by an infrared heater.

 Gustav Kitchen and Bar dining dome
 2 Aura Bubble Domes 3.5m in diameter in Rovaniemi, Finland
 Gustav-Rovaniemi-Igloo Viking Dome
 Luxury dining at any weather

More clients & visibility

Here is what the restaurant owner Juha said about the domes:

”These domes have increased our sales and especially our visibility on social media. We couldn’t be more happy with this product and can highly recommend it to others.”

 Clear dining pod by Viking Dome
 Increased restaurant sales and social media visibility

Extreme weather conditions

The restaurant is situated over the polar ring with strong snow and wind loads.

"Inside the domes we have four heaters (2000W) and even though the outside temperature drops down to -25c, we still have comfy +23c inside the domes." - Juha

 Dining pod in Finland Aura Dome D3.5

 Heating up the domes even in a cold climate
 Dining pod Aura Dome
 Harsh weather conditions

Extending the service season

The restaurant wanted to utilize their patio for year-long use.

"We are situated right in the center of Rovaniemi and our front patio is a part of the main pedestrian zone. During summer time we have outside seating up to 100 people and we also wanted to use this great area during the winter season" - Juha

 Dining pod Aura Dome D3.5 in Rovaniemi
 "For this purpose we found these beautiful domes and the interior design follows the similar style as indoors."


Number 1 restaurant in Lapland

”We opened Gustav Kitchen & Bar in August 2020 and have been busy since the opening. In 2021, we were chosen the 15th best restaurant in Finland and the best restaurant in Lapland." -Juha

 Restaurant dining pod Aura Dome D3.5.
 More clients and social media exposure


Gustav Kitchen & Bar

“Food prepared with simple but high-quality ingredients is fashionable, always and everywhere. That’s what I learned during my journeys.”— Gustav

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 Gustav Kitchen & Bar
 Gustav Kitchen & Bar


Project information:

Product: AURA Bubble 
Location: Rovaniemi, Finland
Usage: Patio dining dome
Size: Dome diameter 3.6m, floor area 5.8m²
Dome cover: Polycarbonate
Structure type: Frameless shell
Dome producer: VikingDome
Restaurant:  Gustav Kitchen & Bar

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